Conference speaker and presenter Chryssie Russell accomplished and entertaining public speaker

Chryssie Russell  Professional Speaker NZ

Keynote Speaker

Topics such as:

  • Dressing to your personality and communication style
  • Taking the leadership role in your wardrobe and career
  • Being your authentic self by showing your true colours
  • Dressing is easy, it's looking good that's hard!
  • Your Image across the table - be true to your brand identity
  • "Chryssie was a presenter at our Teachers Matter Conference in NZ. She was a popular speaker who encapsulated her audience with her colourful personality and her expert knowledge on her subject.  Her presenting style is fun, practical and energetic."
    Karen T Boyes, CEO, Spectrum Education


Chryssie Russell  Professional Speaker NZ

Workshop Facilitator

Chryssie will dispel the myths of fashion and shopping. Clothing has a language. It is specific, persuasive, impactful and totally silent.  Her vast experience promises to show how clothing does make a difference to the way you see yourself and how others interpret that.

- How to be memorable and stay 'top of mind' to customers.

- How does your personality reflect your personal style?

- How to create confidence in dress in any situation.

- How to utilize the power of colour in business and your personal life.





Chryssie Russell  Professional Speaker NZ

 You have been provided with colour to feed both the body and the spirit. It nourishes your whole system, supplying a vital energy that is an essential and wonderful part of life. As highly colourful beings, your form is made up of every-changing vibrating colours and you respond to colour actively or passively in all that you do.

Consciously choose colour to energise yourself daily.

Choose colourful options for health and vitality.

Create colour combinations to express your individuality.

Balance your body shape and proportion.

Look vibrant and healthy wearing your special colours.



Keynote Speaker & Workshop Presenter

Chryssie Woodham, Director of Unique Style Ltd ( is a highly accomplished and entertaining public speaker, she can be called on as either a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator. She has literally spoken the length and breadth of New Zealand showing you how to create your unique style. Your Personality Style - liberating YOU!

About Chryssie:

With 28 years experience in the cosmetic, colour, style and wardrobe planning, fashion, image industries, she now uses this knowledge to train others in her profession. Her style of presentation is very informative delivered in a highly entertaining way, where she involves her audience so they can relate visually to how her principles work.

She shares her inspirational story of how she became a leading personal stylist in New Zealand after many years of having to explain what a ‘Wardrobe Consultant’ does.  Her unique '4 principle shopping system' was developed from her many years experience and her practical way of viewing things she wanted a to show that dressing well is easy when you now how. 

Her belief that everyone is unique and that everyone can show their authentic self by creating a unique dressing style will take her audience through a process to find their own 'Personality dressing style'.  This is a fun and enlightening experience, and many have had ah ha moments.

Her book ‘Shop like a style expert’  is designed to be used, rather than just read and works in tandem with her presentations and workshops.

Her presentations include her philosophy of fashion and dressing, and how they can be at odds with one another, which gives the audience a sense of vindication and at the same time ‘a can do attitude’. Her knowledge about colour comes across easily and with passion as she demonstrates the beauty of wearing colour; how that can be a powerful aid in business; and the best of all enhance everyone’s well-being on a daily basis.

Her style is engaging and makes people feel they too can dress for the way they want, without the ‘shoulds’ of fashion and expectation. Chryssie's sessions are fun, positive, interactive, and informative, and they get results, as is apparent from the many positive quotes that clients have said like ‘passionate’ ‘fun’ ‘colourful personality’ ‘energetic’ ‘inspirational’.

Listen to what others have said…..

It was a fantastic evening, and your contribution  was a significant aspect of the fundraising event.  Thank you for the time invested in preparation, the sharing of your own passion and skill, and the warmth and fun you injected into the evening.  We salute your kindness and commitment to empowering women in this way.
Sue Hay (Major) Assistant Director Salvation Army

May I thank you on behalf of the Lions Club of Christchurch Host for presenting a truly wonderful fashion show last Thursday evening.  Everyone so enjoyed themselves, and I have been overwhelmed with fabulous comments from members and friends.  Your are so obviously an expert in your field, and we all went away wiser in our knowledge of how to shop for our personal wardrobe. 
Beverley Hentschel, President, Lions Club of Christchurch Host


"Chryssie has a real strength in building rapport with people and making them feel at ease. The feedback from all has been nothing short of magnificent."

Stephen P
National Bank

"Your presentation was excellent, and very positive feedback was received from staff that now feel more confident about their own image ... Chryssie's presentations are enjoyable and informative and would be a valuable experience for any individual or business."

David M
Christchurch City Council

"Your obvious energy and enthusiasm was an ideal match for the two-day Summit. I'm sure the participants will long remember their clothing personality, and use their new found skills when shopping to update their wardrobe."

Robyn Bennett
Director, Team Link Training Ltd

What's on offer:

If you're looking for something uplifiting, insightful, motivational, informative, an entertaining speaker then chances are we are just what you're looking for.

Chryssie’s experience enables him to present tailored keynote seminars and workshops to suit the audience and client requirements.  Your participants will walk away with seeing themselves differently than before, feeling inspired and motivated to put into action the principles they have learned, immediately!

Drop us a line or give us a ring and we can get to know each other and determine how best we can achieve your goals.

Topics such as:

Dressing to your personality and communication style
This session is enlightening and revealing about how your personality can be reflected in what you choose to wear; and how you can create a wardrobe that truly reflects you. Find out what are you communicating in your dress?

Dressing is easy, it's looking good that's hard!

A fun session where you will uncover your core beliefs of fashion and shopping.  Why you “have nothing in your wardrobe to wear”.  And break from the past ‘shoulds’ that you apply to yourself when you look in the mirror! Learn a 4 principle shopping system that will save you time, frustration and thousands of dollars!
Your Image across the table - be true to your brand identity
This is a tailor-made presentation to whatever your industry or com
pany needs to present staff and management in a professional manner, that reflects your company’s brand.

Did you know that colour affects your hormones, sleep, sex and energy levels?

Just as the Beatles put it, “All you need is love”. Love energy – green energy – is what many of us spend an enormous amount of our time thinking about and acting upon. See how colour can uplift you on an everyday basis.

The powerful healing qualities of colour
A light-hearted journey to raise your colour perception and fine-tune your senses to open yourself up to the healing colour energies. You will enjoy the benefits of this active approach to colour at all levels of your being.


Did you know that when we meet each other for the first time, with a few seconds 90% of us will make an informed impression about each other by our appearance?  

Therefore……First Impressions Do Count

Here Chryssie presents a fool-proof dressing system that will have you shopping right first time to achieve a professional image.

Be your own brand

Personal style and professional image can have a powerful influence on career/business development. The ability to successfully communicate your personal style and what you and what your organization/business stands for gives you and your company a competitive edge.

In this highly networked and visible world, a strong personal image is essential for anyone seeking career advancement, job seekers, entrepreneurs or those who simply want to put their stamp on the world. Your professional image helps define who you are, and why you should be sought out. 

Image is part of your branding.  Branding is your reputation. Branding is about building a name for yourself, showcasing what sets you apart, and describing the added value you offer. The key philosophy of personal branding is that it is not about reinvention; it is working out what make you special and how you can use those attributes to help you succeed in everyday life. 


You need an 'edge' to help you stay on the winning side. Your confidence, body language, presence and style of dressing indicate your level of star quality!"

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